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  • Google Ads

    Consistent posts, Engagement Strategies ,
    Customer Servicing, Followers

  • Facebook Ads

    Consistent posts, Engagement Strategies,
    Customer Servicing, Followers

  • Instagram Ads

    Consistent posts, Engagement Strategies,
    Customer Servicing, Followers

  • Snapchat Ads

    Consistent posts, Engagement Strategies,
    Customer Servicing, Followers

  • Youtube Ads

    Followers, Video Ads, Bumper Ads, Un Skippable Ads

  • Twitter Ads

    Consistent posts, Engagement Strategies,
    Customer Servicing, Followers

  • Messenger Ads

    Show your Banners in Messenger Ads and drive traffic, Bulk SMS, Whatsapp SMS

  • Email Marketing

    Consistent posts, Engagement Strategies,
    Customer Servicing, Followers

What is Digital Marketing ?

Simply put, Digital Marketing is leveraging online marketing tactics such as Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Sponsored Ads and so on to promote and sell a product or service. When you get down to it, Digital Marketing is just Marketing, only better, faster and more efficient.

Marketing happens where the attention is. And the ultimate place where there is unlimited attention today is on the internet. A Digital Marketers goal is to figure out where the attention is, find the right audience for the right product or service and using engaging content to place it in front of people.

In Kuwait, Digital Marketing is extremely underutilized and most companies have not been properly leveraging the power of platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google and Instagram. When used right, running paid ads on these platforms with high quality content can boost a company’s revenue and brand awareness.

We at Road Creations start with creating amazing marketing content for our clients and take it to the next level by consistently posting on your Social Media and run sponsored ads, showing it to millions of people nationwide!

Google & YouTube Ads

Google Ads is another powerful source for traffic. Everyone who has a phone searches on Google. Using Googles powerful tools we can find the most searched Keywords.

As an example, based on data we can see that the number of searches for keywords “Eid” and “Ramadan” spike significantly when it’s Eid or Ramadan. Using this information, we can create Google Ad Campaign that triggers at the time of an event to give your customers exactly what they are looking for!

Let’s say Eid is in a week. You are a watch brand and your audience are looking to buy a watch as a gift and is searching on Google. As soon as they type “buy watches in Kuwait” your ads will show up first in the search. According to Google statistics, a staggering 92% of users do not click past the first page of google search results. So, it is VERY important to stay on the top of the search results. And the best way to do that is by paid Google Ads.

Targeting method similar to Facebook ads and Google ads can be applied to YouTube. We combine keyword research and place the ads on videos and channels that best relates to your Audience.

We also manage your Social Media accounts and regularly post high quality videos and photos by professionals. So, you can rest assured and your followers will grow over time and always remain engaged with your content.

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